Frequently Asked Questions

General Faq

How do I place a project with Riorici Design?
It is easy. Just click “Get a Quote” button, or go to the “Services” page, scroll down and choose the project type that fits your requirement. Fill out and submit the quote form. Your project quote will be with you within 24 hours.
Do we have to meet up?
No need to meet up. We can do all the communication online using the tools available in your client account. We can also use Skype to discuss your project. Smart way to save time and money.
How much will my project cost?
The fee shown on the “Services” page are the starting fee for the projects most common. When you send us your full project details the fee will be calculated to fit the type and size of your project.
How do you bill?
Once you agree and approve the project fee you will be asked for 50% upfront payment in order to start the project. When the project is completed you will pay the remaining 50%. As soon as the first payment is recorded the works on the project will start. You can pay by Paypal, visa debit, credit card and Bank transfer.
How does the satisfaction guarantee work?
The satisfaction guarantee applies to every design created by Riorici Design. However, if you’re not happy with the preliminary design you will get a refund. Please email us before the revision process starts. The refund will be sent back to your PayPal account, or your credit card.
Are there any additional charges to my account?
The initial charges you were given at the start of your project are final. However if your project runs into extra iterations, you could be charged using hourly rates. In such case, you will be notified about that.
How do I add and send files, pictures, notes, comments, feedback on my project for the designer?
When you fill in the quotation form your will be given a client login details. You get access to your project dashboard with all the communication tools need to get the work successfully completed. There you will find messages, projects, invoices, estimates and more. However, to make our communication smooth and easy as possible please make sure to assign the project to your authorised project manager / decision maker. If you wish you can open your account now at and receive 10% off on your first project.
Who owns the copyrights?
Simply, you will be the owner.
Do you accept offers from any country?
Yes, the service is accessible to clients all over the world. Using Paypal payment gateway anybody can place an order using their Paypal account or credit or debit cards.
Will you have my project archived?
Yes, your files will be always archived for you…

Design Faq

What format will the final files be delivered?
The artwork files for like brochure, flyer, poster, business cards, etc., will be delivered in the industry ready for print Pdf format. The logotype will be delivered in editable, scalable vector Adobe Illustrator format as well as PNG, PSD, AI, EPS and JPEG file formats.
We would want custom copywriting
No problem… If you don’t have your own copy material we can take care of your copywriting needs.
We want to use own photographs
Great… If you provide your own photography it is important, that they are in good quality and in high resolution of 300dpi. You will be given the specifications with your quotation.
How long it takes to deliver the final project?
It depends on the project complexity. A single design like a logo, stationery, or poster would take between 5 – 7 days. However, for more complex designs like a multipage brochure, catalogue, or website the time might be 14 days or longer. Based on your detailed brief you will obtain an accurate estimate on how long it takes.
What if I need additional changes after delivery of my final designs?
Once the final design is approved, no additional changes should be made. However, we can make additional revisions at hourly rate in case you need any changes in your design after final approval.
Do I have to provide all the content at the start of the project or can I submit it later?
It would be better if the texts, images, and everything needed to be submitted by the client at the start of the project. It helps to identify the scope of works, and eliminate the amount of delays that can occur. Nevertheless, you can supply additional content during the design phase.

Interested In Working On A Project?

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